How To Spring Clean Your Marketing

Put away the feather duster, you won’t need that for the spring cleaning we are talking about in this blog post! Many businesses start each year with a fresh start to their marketing but as the months go by, a quick review is needed to make campaigns more effective. Now is the time for a quick review of your marketing.

Here are 5 great ideas for freshening up your marketing this spring…

Tidy Up Your Database

Customer data stagnates over time. If you have contacts in your email list that are bouncing back or they have not been opening your emails for a while then it might be time to archive them! Whether by phone, email or post, you only want to be contacting people in your marketing activities that are genuinely interested in what you offer. There’s no point wasting time on people who are never going to buy from you.

TIP: The best time to clean up your customer database is just before you start a new marketing campaign – to maximise the number of click, opens, read, views etc

Recycle (or change) Your Marketing Wording

Promotional materials and words on your website may have looked good when you first published them but after a quick review it may be worth making sentences shorter and more attention grabbing. Content that’s too long causes potential customers to lose interest so consider changes that get the message across in a more concise way.

It’s worth making changes and then review them to see if you get better results. Take an action to review the main pages on your website. Make changes and see if you get more enquiries or your visitors stay on your site for longer.

Did You Know: Video is a great way to make marketing materials stand out. Rather than have people read 4-500 words explaining what you offer, a 1-2 minute video maintains people’s attention for longer and is proven to have better results in terms of sales conversion!

Feather Dust Your Twitter Followers

(… as well as Instagram, Pinterest and other social platforms!)

Over time, people unfollow on social media. This can be for various reasons but if you no longer have anything in common then there’s no point following them. There are various tools such as ManageFlitter (for Twitter) that you can use to see who is no longer following you and unfollow them.

Combined with a great content plan, keeping your followers updated & relevant is key to getting the most out of social media.

Polish Up The Visuals

The most effective marketing campaigns don’t just have good quality images, they have ones that tell a story and show a strong link to the brand and the products on offer.

If you have blurred images, consider getting them enhanced to look smoother. If you have stock images, try to replace them with ‘real’ pictures you can create yourself. If you have static product images think about replacing them with images containing more life such as with people (or animals) in them – possibly experiencing and enjoying your product!

These changes increase trust in your brand and increase the chances of a purchase being made. Blurry or ‘boring’ images on the other hand, can put potential customers off!

Did You Know: Images with motion (also known as GIF images) get more attention and engagement. Adding animation and life to imagery can make a huge difference. Videos are also a great way to bring marketing campaigns to life!

Review Your Activities To Date

If you use Google Analytics (and you should!) then review how many visitors you had had to your site as well as how long they are staying there and how many pages they are visiting. All of these should be increasing over time. The more people visiting your site and staying on your site for longer, the higher the rank Google gives your site in search rankings. And of course, it means you are attracting more potential customers who like your pages!

Content is still king! Offering blog posts, useful articles and videos are all great ways to increase the amount of time people stay on your website.

Are You Ready For Summer?

It may seem a long way off, but a quick spring clean of your marketing activities will help make summer a bit more relaxing. Knowing your marketing is more effective will put your mind at rest.

We hope you have found the above tips useful. If you need any help with marketing in your spring clean, don’t hesitate to get in touch!