How long should an animated video be?

How long should an animated video be?

When you’re creating animated content there’s a lot of factors to take into account, ultimately the length of the video should be decided by two factors:
1. What’s the end goal of the video?
2. Where is the video being deployed?
It’s always a good idea to have a video duration in mind before you start writing scripts or creating content. Here’s a quick guide to what can be achieved in different video lengths!


30 Seconds

30 Seconds = 70 Words (approx)

You’ve only got enough time to pique your audience’s interest, so make it count. Keep the story simple – and make sure you include a strong call to action. The structure for a 30 second video is simple;  What are your audiences pain points? How do you solve them? Find out more…..

Tip: 30 Seconds is perfect for a social media ad, but make sure you include subtitles on your video.


60 Seconds

60 Seconds = 130 Words (approx)

Perfect for a purely benefit focused video. Dig a little deeper into your audiences problems, show how your product can fix them but also show them how their life will be better after they get on-board. The aim with a 60 second video should be to leave your audience with a sense that you understand their problems and can solve the effectively with your solution.


90 Seconds

90 Seconds = 200 Words (approx)

With some extra time on our hands you can go further than just outlining the benefits of your solution.  You can show your audience how the product works, demonstrating its unique features and how they solve your audience problems. 90 seconds can give a more complete overview of the product, its features and benefits.

Tip: Including the unique features of your product is great, but make sure they are directly linked to the benefits they provide.


120 Seconds

120 Seconds = 260 Words (approx)

In our opinion the maximum time for an explainer video (if it’s being used on your website) A full two minutes allows you showcase your product even more by including extras like case studies and customer success stories. These added extras are perfect for building trust in your brand.


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