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Choosing the perfect length for a video

How long should an animated video be? It's one of most frequently asked questions because the length of your animated videos matter. It determines the type of message that you can convey to your audience.  Shorter videos are often pithier and keep the story simple - excellent for raising awareness. Longer videos allow you to [...]

Be Like Yoda: How to make your customer the hero of your animated videos.

Be Like Yoda. How to make your customer the hero of your animated videos. Animated video can be a great storytelling tool. The key is understanding how to structure things. Your customers should be placed at the centre of your stories when creating animated videos - they are the Luke Skywalker of your story; the [...]

How Video Builds Trust, Value & Loyalty in Your Brand

Video is one of the best ways to build trust in your brand, increase its value and generate more brand loyalty. Video provides a simple and enjoyable way to access a lot of information in a short amount of time, which has led to something of a boom in video marketing and with more social [...]

Using Video to Improve Customer Service

When you think of an explainer video, you might think that it is a sales tool, something you place on your landing page and forget about. But an animated video is so much more than that... There are many ways you can use a short explainer video, and one of the best is for customer [...]

Fintech and Video – A Match Made in Heaven

Fintech companies have boomed in recent years, shaking up the financial industry and changing the way people earn, do their accounting, transfer money and more. They are at the cutting edge of innovation, but because they operate in a competitive environment, it’s often difficult for new fintech companies to get the traction they need. So [...]

Writing A Video Script: Understanding Your Audience

Whether you choose to create your own explainer video or use a professional company to produce one for you, understanding how to write an explainer script is vital. In this post we'll look at why identifying your target audience is an important early stage in the script writing process. Stories need structure.... At Joe Mule [...]

How To Spring Clean Your Marketing

Put away the feather duster, you won’t need that for the spring cleaning we are talking about in this blog post! Many businesses start each year with a fresh start to their marketing but as the months go by, a quick review is needed to make campaigns more effective. Now is the time for a [...]

Video Marketing Trends for 2017

In 1974 Motorola sold their TV division because they couldn’t see how it could make money. How things have changed with video and video content since then! The world has become so visual, and with the dominance of channels such as YouTube and tools such as Facebook Live, marketing online now requires visual content to [...]

7 Reasons Video Is Critical To Online Digital Marketing

When it comes to online marketing, many businesses don’t realise how video marketing can dramatically improve their results. Whether your current activities include social media, email marketing or just focusing on converting website sales, here are 7 reasons why video is critical to online marketing... 1: Get Found In Google Search (SEO) Search Engine Optimisation [...]